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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it TRUE that I get MORE than just a directory listing of my business with AML?


The Australia My Land Initiative is centered on two things: helping people to get to know more about Australia as a country and HELPING AUSSIE BUSINESSES!

This means the whole concept of the Autsralia My Land Associate Market [AML-AM] is to direct people looking for information about Australia to Australian Businesses.

But it is MORE than that! We understand what it is like to run a business and the difficulties getting to understand the new concepts of Information Technology (IT) and the Internet; we at AML * have been involved in BOTH for a long time!

So we have put together a range of tools that will help YOUR business GROW!

It starts with a unique Associate Profile website that you can use as a primary website or simply to boost your Search Engine rankings with genuine links to your regular business website. It is also handy as a client managed 'Latest News' page or similar use.

We also provide other options to promote your business to our Associates who are mostly potential customers, NOT just other businesses, as well as provide office tools to help you run your business in todays world of technology.

We are POSITIVE you will find not just a source of advertising but of genuine business promotions and business help.

[* The three main identities behind the AML project have over 120 years experience in running businesses and over 50 years in www technology.}

Can I promote my business or hobby on my AML-AM Personal Profile Website?


Yes - that is the very idea of the Initiative. If you upgrade to a Corporate Associate you can then ask your friends, family and customers to join AML-AM and invite them to promote your business as a Preferred Supplier. Imagine all your customers with an AML-AM website linking to YOUR profile and your website - now THAT is promotion!>

You can also send us samples of your products (those that can easily be added to our Aussie Kitbags), or a simple business promotional item such as a pen or calender, and we will promote your business by sending these out to Associates. As a Key or Corporate Business Associate you will also have a Business Associates Profile Page that will be included in the Surf`n`Earn programme -and lots more!!

Can I contribute something to the AML Website?


Are you a writer? A poet or songwriter perhaps, or do you enjoy writing short stories, either fiction or non-fiction?

Send your work to us and we will publish it for you. Do you like taking photos? Many of the photos already on the site are from our Associates so send us your photos in and we may publish them for you, giving you all the credit.

Do I ever have to PAY anything with AML-AM?


You can remain a FREE Associate of AML-AM as long as you want, indefinitely - AND - you can still make a little money doing it.

But for less than $2 a week you can upgrade to a Key Associate and DOUBLE your prospects on income and for around $5.20 a week DOUBLE it again as a Corporate Associate.

And as a Corporate Associate you ALSO go into the BONZA ($1000) BONUS REWARDS CIRCUIT and have the opportunity to cycle over and over.

Do I ever have to SELL anything with AML-AM?


You can remain a FREE Associate and enjoy receiving our newsletters, saving on purchases from our Business Associates and participating in the on-line Associates Forum. There is also the indispensable Resources Library that ALL Associates of AML-AM can use and where they can learn more about computers, online marketing and lots of other things about technology.

Can I ask AML to put a sample of my products in the Aussie Kitbags to promote My Business?


Yes you can! We are ASKING all businesses to send us small samples of their product OR a small promotional product with their Business Name on it promoting their products and services. Pens, calculators, key rings, fridge magnets and similar items with YOUR Business Name on them really do place your products and services in front of people.

Larger items may be used for a personalised Kitbag - see next question - however we are limited by size with our listed regular Kitbags.

The other option for a Business who would like to place a larger item in a Kitbag is for that Business to PAY for the mailout of that Kitbag.

We would stamp the outside of the package - "Sent Special Mail by [Your Business Name] for AML-AM". How good would that be for promotion?

Product brochures, flyers and business cards are not included in the Kitbags however a docket allowing MULTIPLE discounts on products or services MAY be allowed. Simply send a sample and we will discuss the options for usage. A business may though purchase a bulk number of a specified bag and add their own flyers etc to that Kitbag before handing them out in their own promotional campaign.

Can I ask AML to put together a special Aussie Kitbag for My Business?


Simply call or email us and tell us what you would like to put in the Kitbag and we will add a few things as well to promote YOUR AML-AM Business and Profile Website. You can even send us a logo or slogan to have printed on the `Kitbag` (a fee may be incurred) and you can use it to promote your retail business as well as your AML-AM Business. Bulk purchases of Super Aussie Kitbags for this purpose will receive a Bulk Discount. Simply Ask Us for details.

How can I promote My AML-AM Business?


Any Associates who wish to actively promote the AML-AM Business Initiative thru the Associate Market programme may order Business Cards and Flyers printed with their name, phone, email and AML-AM Nickname for use in promoting their Profile Website. We will also be supplying marketing and sales presentations and kits including powerpoint, flyers and other materials to make it easier to promote AML-AM. We will also personalise these for a selected Sales Team to which all Associates can apply.

A printing or supply cost may apply.

NOTE: All new Associates register as FREE Associates and if they then decide to upgrade they purchase the appropriate products (choice of Aussie Kitbags and Advertising options) through their Back Office Console.

We DO NOT sell Memberships.

The AML-AM Aussie Kitbags and AML Website Advertising are specially designed to promote Aussie Businesses, and genuine Sales Commissions can be earned by marketing these products.

AML-AM Key and Corporate Associate options are an additional benefit to both private Associates and to Businesses who purchase products or advertising, for the benefit of them promoting their own secular business or their new AML-AM business.

Some may wish to make the marketing of AML-AM Aussie Kitbags and Website Advertising a personal business and for this they receive Sales Commissions and bonuses.

You can still make a little money doing it!