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AML-AM Kitbags for Individual Purchases

Retail 'Show-Bags' and Business 'Start-Up" Packs

We are here to assist "bricks and mortar" businesses. Our goal is to promote our Associates, including genuine Aussie Businesses, both in Australia and abroad, helping them to build their customer base.

Our products promote Australian Businesses through a range of internet advertising and social marketing options as well as our very own unique Aussie Kitbags, which will like ´show bags´ help promote Aussie Business products and services.

Aussie Kitbags Promoting Aussie Businesses

Our variety of Aussie Kitbags will promote Australian Businesses like show bags, containing a collection of Australian based products and promotional materials. The Kit Bags also contain products that promote Australia My Land as well as containing Discount Credit Dockets that are used at our AML-AM Business Supplier Associates.

To purchase any of the Kitbag products simply click on the relative Buy Now button then click on the View My Cart button above.

Businesses are now invited to forward suitable* sample product for inclusion in the Kitbags.


The AML-AM Business Show Kitbags

(All Kitbag Products incur and delivery costs)

001:  Joey Aussie (Juniors) Kitbag - Retail * AUD$24.50
002:  Deluxe Aussie Kitbag - Retail * AUD$69.70
003:  Super Aussie Kitbag (Business Sponsored) - Retail * AUD$79.70
004:  Maxi Aussie Kitbag - Retail * AUD$347

Start-Up Business Kitbags

The two directors of Australia My Land Pty Ltd have together over 90 years experience in successful business operation and sales/marketing.

Along with their combined 25 years in Internet Marketing and Website development they are able to pass on the tools and helpful advice to help you avoid being one of the 8 out of 10 Australian Businesses that close within just two years of starting operation.

The AML-AM Business Start-Up Support Kitbags

011:  Quick-Start Aussie Business; Corporate Kitbag - Retail * AUD$355
012:  AML-AM Business In A Kitbag - Retail * AUD$2550
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Australia My Land Promoting Aussie Businesses