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AML-AM Preferred Suppliers

Business Promotion

Businesses that purchase a Corporate Level Business Directory Listing or Website Advertising automatically receive an additional BUSINESS PROFILE and is promoted in the SURF'n'EARN as well as being eligible to be selected as a Preferred Supplier.

Every Associate can select in their Managerment Console up to three Businesses that they choose to promote as their Preferred Suppliers with the ability to change these at will.

If an Associate does not select any or all three Preferred Suppliers the programme will select at Random the Preferred Suppliers to fill their quota to be shown on their Profile Website.

Thus Businesses can be promoted on any number of their friends, family and especially clients' AML-AM Associate Profile Websites. If they have not yet joined - ASK THEM TO DO SO ON YOUR PROFILE WEBSITE NOW!

With the random selection process they may also be promoted on numerous other Profile Websites.