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AML-AM Associate HELP Resources

Associates Log In to Download AML-AM HELP and Marketing Resources

Why Log In to the Resources Library?

In the Resources Library you will find more extensive HELP Files as well as Sales and Marketing Support for those who wish to promote AML-AM itself as a Business option.

Business Associates will also find valuable aids for their own businesses among the AML-AM Business Drivers in the Resources Library. The team at AML Pty Ltd have extensive business, sales and marketing experience and we are here to assist YOUR BUSINESS if we can in any way do that. We will continually add more AML-AM and Business Resources and Business Drivers as time goes by.


"How Do I Log In?"

Simply use your AML-AM Nickname (username) and Password to log in at the top of this page to access the AML-AM Resources Library

HELP with Your AML-AM Profile Web Page

Log Into Your Profile Management Console

Simply use your AML-AM Nickname (username) and Password to log in at the top of the page at your Profile Web Page to access the AML-AM Associates Profile Management Console (back office) to change your Associate details and check on your AML-AM Team progress.

Changing Your Profile Photo

Uploading A Profile Banner Photo

• Click on the default Lolly Galah Congratulations Banner

• A dialogue box will appear headed 'Upload Pic'

NOTE: On some browsers another dialogue box may appear over the top of it allowing you to browse your computer for a photo - close this programme for now as you need to actually click the programmes BROWSE button to activate the process properly.

• Click the BROWSE button

• A dialogue box will appear allowing you to browse your computer for a photo

• Navigate your computer folders to find the selected photo and click on the photo to select it

• The address of the photo should appear in the text box to the left of the BROWSE button; if it does not try again

• When successful Click UPLOAD FILE

• The photo selected should appear in place of the default Lolly Galah photo

Changing Your Profile Description

About the Description Editor

• Click the link: Click here to edit Description

• The Advanced Editor appears in a separate dialog box with options to add text and format the text. Some may find it easier to create the text content in a Word or NotePad document before copying and pasting into the editor

Adding Text

• Select a range of text font attributes with the various buttons and drop-downs including font face, colour, bold, italics etc.

Adding a Hyper Link to your Business Website

• A hyperlink can be created by selecting the appropriate text and clicking on the ‘link’ button and filling in the details in the pop-up dialogue box

Build Your AML-AM Support Team

Simply ask all your friends, clients, relatives and anybody to go to your AML-AM Profile Web Page and click on one of the many links to REGISTER FREE for their very own personal Profile Web Page that they can use for personal, social, community or business use.

Corporate Level Business Associates can then ask these people to select them as a Preferred Supplier to promote their business. This Business Support Team become a Business Driver for the Associates own secular business.

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