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AML-AM Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits to Business and Personal Associates Alike

Rewards: earn Extra Income

Sales Commissions and Team Performance Bonuses

At AML we understand that not everyone wants to sell anything; nevertheless the opportunity is always there to promote the products of both AML-AM and its Business Associates.

When an Associate makes even a small sale there will be a Sales Commission waiting for them, even for FREE Associates!

Swag Bonus
Aussie Kitbags

AML-AM retail products include, among individual items, a collection of Aussie Kitbags or business show bags containing primarily the over 200 page e-Book (pdf) Discover Australia Travel Guide as well as promotional products from our Business Associates and AML itself.

AML Partner Website Advertising

The AML Partner Websites are gaining attention and we have not even started to promote them yet! Businesses can advertise on these sites to enhance their SEO prospects for their secular websites as well as find new customers and clients.

The packages include website advertising, business directory listings and web page profiles or full page advertiesments.

Advertising Packages start at just AUD$225 per year: SEE ALL ADVERTISING PACKAGES AND BENEFITS HERE

Earn Swag Bonuses from AML-AM

When ANY Associate personally makes a sale of AML-AM product (Kitbags and Advertising) they receive a Sales Commission called a Swag Bonus.

The amount they receive will depend on their own Association Level and ranges between 7.5% and up to 28%

An Associate may simply sign up a business to the AML-AM Initiative as a FREE! Business Associate on their personal Web Profile Business Registration Form. The business recieves an AML-AM Web Page Profile like all Associates but as a business also recieves a FREE! Business Directory Listing.

If the Business at any time purchases advertising, whether or not the Host Associate did any 'selling' the Host Associate will receive the relevant Swag Bonus and as an Upgraded Associate benefit from the Group Bonuses or Team Performance Bonuses.

Group Bonus: Cobber Bonus

On repeat or residual purchases by all Associates of AML-AM Products those Upgraded Associates in the Group Matrix receive a small Cobber Bonus.

NOTE: Some products sold on AML websites are not AML-AM Products, for example individual souvenir items and merchandise. AML-AM Products are the PERSONAL KITBAGS and BUSINESS ADVERTISING PACKAGES displayed on this website.

Team Performance Bonus: Bonza (Cycling) Bonus

When the Rewards Circuit of Corporate Associates fill, the Circuit will split to become TWO new Circuits, while the Associate at the top of the splitting Circuit, called the Summit, receives a Bonza (Cycling) Bonus of AUD$1000 CASH plus AUD$250 of Discount Vouchers (10 x AUD$5 / 10 x AUD$20).

Rewards Circuit

In the Rewards Circuit there are NO qualifications needed. Because the Rewards Circuit is only PART of the whole rewards and bonuses programme, it is not the sole means of income and other income streams will encourage Associates to refer as many new Associates, especially but not restricted to, Key and Corporate Associates.

Unlike other programmes of this nature, the AML-AM Business Initiative only has ONE Circuit or table to cycle through; there is no segregation between new Associates coming into the programme and those who have entered into a second stage of the programme as in other programmes. Therefore cycling Associates will appear directly alongside new Associates entering the Circuit. Everyone in the Circuit will have a Referrer to follow EXCEPT the very first person who is entered into the program. This person when they cycle will be entered into the oldest Circuit in existence at the time, thus further producing a guarantee that EVERY Circuit in the system WILL eventually cycle.

Benefits: FREE! Web Page Profile, Discounts and other Rewards

FREE AML-AM Associate Profile Website

Everyone who becomes an Associate of AML-AM receives immediately a FREE PROFILE WEBSITE that can be used to promote a business or a personal hobby.

It can be used as a social page or to display Latest Club News

A great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool it can be regularly updated by the Associate themselves with multiple page links to a Business website thus pushing SEO Rank higher as the page is "content relevant" to the Business website.

Other Online Business Drivers

Upgraded AML-AM Business Associates Receive Additional Business Profile

The additional options for Businesses who Upgrade their Association by purchasing AML Partner Website ADVERTISING PACKAGES receive not ONLY the additional BUSINESS PROFILE PAGE but will have that page promoted in the SURF BUSINESSES and SURF'n'EARN marketing promotions.

Corporate Business Associates are further promoted by being eligible to be selected by any and all AML-AM Associates as one of their three Preferred Suppliers and gain not just added exposure to visitors of the Profile Websites but gain additional SEO activity.

AML-AM Associates Select Preferred Suppliers

Every Associate can select in their Management Console up to three Businesses that they choose to promote as their Preferred Suppliers with the ability to change these at will.

Businesses that purchase a Corporate Level Business Directory Listing or Website Advertising automatically are eligible to be selected as a Preferred Supplier.


Surf'n'Earn [Surf Business Profiles]

Any visitor to any AML-AM website or AML Partner website can SURF THE AML-AM BUSINESS PROFILES with the option for directing linking to those Businesses for more information.

Associates will soon be able to Surf these Business Associate Profiles to earn points towards receiving even MORE Bonuses and Benefits!